Statues In Stone 2

I cut & paste the background of Statues In Stone to show the details and all the hard work that went into creating this original creation. Each shape took careful and precision brush strokes to achieve the depth and dimensions.


Anonymous Guest

John Cappello 31 Aug 2013

Brilliant Artwork!!! Very joyfully colored painting

Artist Reply: Thank you it is a cut and paste from the painting "Statute of Stone".

Basant Soni 22 May 2012

Remarkable colors with pleasing effect..Gina

Amy Yampanis 11 Nov 2011

This is exquisite! Having done some work with such precise geometric shapes I know just how much work went into creating this masterpiece. You have tremendous vision!

Artist Reply: Hello Amy, this is a cut and paste from the actual painting Statues In Stone, background. Thank you.

its arts 28 Aug 2010

Very nice work.

Artist Reply: Hello Its, thank you.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 24 Nov 2009

Yes! I see your paintings are very surrealist in style. Very cleverly realised. Brilliant artwork!

Artist Reply: Hello Rusty, that is a cut and paste from the painting Statues In Stone, thank you.

Sharon Gonzalez 05 Aug 2009


Artist Reply: Hello Sharon, thank you I went to a textile trade show in NYC, yesterday. And it is amazing what they are doing with cut and paste, changing the colors and claiming the artwork.