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postcard series Melaka Images

I met Anuar Dan, for the first time in 1985 in Singapore during an exhibition- cum-book project on tradisional habitat of South East Asia when he was assigned as an illustrator. Already at that time, when he was still young graphic artists, Anuar impressed me which his affirmative lines which sometimes invoked simplicity bording to honesty. At that time the subject of his drawing were traditional dwelling which I am seeing again in his current paintings, fifteen year later, I have seen and even bought one of his local fruits paintings which proved Anuar’s deep interest or obsession with all things traditional. I also admire his present paintins of trditional house in which I can observe not only a development of style and competence but also a maturity from his previous paintings. I am especially pleased that I can still detect in his current paintings, Anuar’s true love and concern for a fast disappearing heritage: the traditional rural Malay life style. In my opinion Anuar is an artists worth our observance and support if only because of his obsession to document our heritage. Chandra P Mualim, Singapore

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