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Neverland I think this is a poem we can all relate too in some way or another. Words lost in translation Never to be found again. My heart of glass never to be fixed again. Fallen so many times from my chest to be ruined when I thought you would catch it. I lived in Neverland. Never to be found Never to see the dark world around To see the light in the darkening sky Never to cry when I would fall Smiling at the moon for being the only light When you would frown for it being so bright You took me from my childhood dream and made me see the cruel world. Dark and cold and never to find enough love My heart so warm and tender you stole away Never to be returned till long past its day You saw what it was full of love Something you had longed missed You thought you’d never find more of it again You took me from my Neverland You filled me with the smiles and love I needed But took away what I had. You showed me what life really was and I could no longer live in my Neverland. I had to grow up My childish heart could no longer be that I couldn’t giggle when I was happy All I could do was simply smile I miss my Neverland. We all had one. Taken away Stolen Forgotten Where we didn’t have to grow, We could play in the sunny meadow. Laugh and smile to our hearts contend So warm and so bright, Replaced with this cold and harsh world for what we call home. I want my Neverland again. This world is too much. A child’s heart that glowed so bright, Replaced by an adults dull and cold one. When I find my Neverland again I will finally be done. By Mahitabelle McCandless Published: 7/2/2009


Thom Roslan 20 Jul 2014

Very interesting composite.....Love your fades and the reference to an "enchanting" piece of writing. Very Well Done !

monique cooper 22 Jul 2009

Truely Enchanting!!

Michael Forbus 13 Jul 2009

Miss Maggie, your composite work and accompanying prose is always so astute and creative. I have always been a great fan of your wonderful creativity and your gentle demeanor. Thanks for being who you are. Miguel

ruth sears 12 Jul 2009

very beautifully done,love the little owl!

Maria Anna Machado 12 Jul 2009