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Suprematism, 11th construction

A smaller picture of my suprematistic series in the style of Kazimir Malevich and/or Ilya Chashnik. 40 by 40 cms (16 by 16 inches). Acrylics on canvas, framed. Copyright Adrian Bayreuther. Write me, if you want to buy it, please.


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Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 09 Sep 2011

Hello Adrian! Well you know what they say, 'less is more'. You've certainly achieved it here. Love the spatial masses!!! Lucky Olga!

ihor khoynyak 08 Aug 2011

A memoria to Mr V Kandinsky!

Artist Reply: Right! And K. Malevich. Thanks for your comment.

Nikolay Semyonov 01 Apr 2011

so powerful! plenty volume for imatination indeed!

Michele Foster 20 Mar 2011

THIS IS SO COOL! How much does it cost? :-)

Artist Reply: Dear Michele, thanks for the comments. Unfortunately you cannot buy it because it is gone (to the US). Please contact Olga Dmytrenko at [email protected] whether she sells it to you.

John Cappello 24 Nov 2010

Excellent composition all around,superb! way to go! Painted with a finely honed Knowledge for details, and a keen sense of Volation and Aerial Maneuvers. Unparalleled,Bernhard You are One of the best artists working today.

Artist Reply: John, I feel flattered. This picture is in the USA in the meanwhile.

Helmut Licht 18 Oct 2010

Bernhard. Sometimes the less said the more powerful the statement. This is great! Clear and to the point. Complete in itself. Yet it leaves plenty of room for personal assimilation and participation. Wow, this sound almost like the description of a good bouquet of wine :)

Artist Reply: Wow, what a comment. 1000 thanks.

Chepulskaya Nataliya 06 Jul 2010

wonderful sounding!

Artist Reply: Thanks for your wonderful comment. This picture is now in the USA.

gheorghe lungu 29 Jun 2010

synthesis. very good work

Artist Reply: Thanks for your comment. This baby of me is living in the USA now.

Eunice Broderick 16 Mar 2010

Love The Modern Form And Colors... Bernhard !

Yuri Yudaev 09 Dec 2009

very optimistic impression! brilliant

Patricia Vidour 29 Jul 2009

It's a magnificent experience to get inmerse in this space...

Lorna Skeie 13 Jul 2009

Wonderful work. Great composition and color

Olga van Dijk 13 Jul 2009

This is Grand Bernie!! Love and Light, Moi

Nira Dabush 13 Jul 2009

Very optimistic composition in summer's colours dear Bernie... JUST FANTASTIC, my friend.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, Nira. It is composed following the rules of Kazimir Malevich's so called "Suprematism": the red "objects" seem to fly around.

Gina Cowins 13 Jul 2009

Hello Bernhard, the yellow bars are touching, while the others separate: a very interesting concept. The blue background is so distant and the bright colors brings warmth to the painting, very nice.

Artist Reply: I am glad that my paintings are pleasing you.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 10 Jul 2009

love the nuance in the orange! beautiful accent!

Artist Reply: I feel honoured to receive such a comment from one of the leading artists in Europe.

Sigridur Bachmann 10 Jul 2009

Great composition and colors ! Very extraordinary !

Sharon Gonzalez 10 Jul 2009


Delfina Mendonça 10 Jul 2009

Wow, excellent work

lillianhibiscus 10 Jul 2009


Heli Aarniranta 10 Jul 2009

Yet again perfect work! Like the presentation of it:=))

Beatrix Jahn 10 Jul 2009


Miguel Moraes 10 Jul 2009


Stefani Wehner 10 Jul 2009

The red parts are gliding in the space. FANTASTIC!

Artist Reply: That's the way it is at suprematistic art. Once the viewer has the impression of flying objects, the artist has done it perfectly.

Regina Coeli deWinter 10 Jul 2009

Great colors - reminds me of Colorforms!

Miles Baker 10 Jul 2009

Fabulous work-i picture summer when i view it!