The Swan Queen

This piece of artwork was giving me nightmarres (not really) .But it took me a long time to figure out what to do with it. It started out as waterfalls and I wanted to do something else with it but, it didn't work out that way. Eventually that what I wanted to do in the first place, I will do in an other artwork. I am very happy now with this results, even though it was a tuff one. Took me more then 7 months to figure out the outcome. This is the Swan Queen, rising up. She has swan wings on her back. Everything is painted from scratch. You can use it as a wallpaper, but the rights will still apply. See for full version on:download wallpaper here Thanks for looking. When I was doing the finishing touch I was listening to "Nocturne" from the group Secret Garden who won with it in the Songvestival of 1995 in Dublin.

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Kirby 09 Jul 2009

oh wow, this is nice!

Artist Reply: Thank you for the nice comment. You can download this one on deviant art as a wallpaper, if you want of course. Have a great day.