Statues In Stone

The background is representational of stained glass windows; there are four figures in black robes with white scrafes. On the left is a gold female mannequin standing and to the right is another, but it is a male sitting. In a world of spiritualism and judgment creates hearts of stone.

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Caballero Salguero 14 Nov 2011

Thanks so much my dear friend Gina, this paintings. figures in stone main, and piece abstract so positive , all fulls of beauty, composition, lovely forms female simple...of great quality artistic and belle fantasy.Wonderful, Pepe!

Artist Reply: Hello Caballero, your words flow so beautifully, thank you.

Ada Krowinkel 01 Sep 2010

I like the statues in stone, it is really nice.

Artist Reply: Hello Ada, thank so very much.

Randall Walsh 27 Aug 2010

Yes she has the gift!

Artist Reply: Hello Randall, thank you so much.

Ginger Lovellette 07 Aug 2010

Your style is so unique and wonderful!

Artist Reply: Hello Ginger, I wanted to paint nudes but couldn't get over showing naked people in the public eye. So, I painted two mannequins being judged why figures in black robes. Thank you.

Olga Naletova 25 Jul 2010

Wonderful artwork!

Artist Reply: Hello Olga, I can look at your entire portfolio. I thank you for your nice comment.