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CREATED JUNE 4 2009, Williamsburg, Virginia, USA. Acrylic on cardboard, 14" X 10" Seascape.

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Anneke Hut 09 Jun 2009

There can be said much about your stunning technique, but what strucks me most on this fantastic painting is the wonderful peace.

Artist Reply: Thank you, Anneke, for making me feel so glad that I could bring the state of peace to someone. Perhaps that is what we, and all of this potentialy peaceful and beautiful world most needs. And I want reaffirm to one and all that I am the world’s greatest Computer Klutz! Finally I have been politely told how to find the place to write replies. (Thank you, Anneke! And thank you also for encouraging me to post some of my paintings here on this beautiful, talent-laden site!) Now I can spend the rest of tonight joyfully writing, mostly belated, grateful replies to all the wonderful artists on ArtWanted! Peace, etc., Bruce