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c)2009 Just stopping by to upload a picture I recently drew for a friend. Not to sound like a stereotypical streetcorner endtime prophet yelling repent for the end is here,...but if a person,...any person,...were to get into God's Word,...even now,...and really study. Listening to only what God is speaking to you from His Word,...all the types from the Old Testament,...all the signs given in the new to watch for,...the many that have already occurred,...any person would clearly see this world, it is now, soon to come to a crashing end! Mostly by mans own inablitity to govern his or hers own affairs,...let alone a whole world,...without God's blessings, leading, guiding and ruling over us as our King of kings and Lord of lords,....and we and this Earth belong to Him anyway,....I look forward to His Coming very soon,...but be careful who's bandwagon you jump on!!!! The fake Jesus must come first,...2Thess.2, test the hearts of the children,....Rev.3. So,....nows the time to get your gospel armour on and in place to do "spiritual" warfare against the deceptions coming from all sides as we come closer and closer to the end. Take care.

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