Alyson Michalka new

I altered the skin tones digitally on this one. See if you like it better than the original.


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Mark Barnett 12 May 2016

Pretty face and nice hair, but wow, the butterfly is dead-on perfect.

Artist Reply: I thank you and the butterfly thanks you.

John Cappello 09 Nov 2014

Great scene! Spectacular display of Fine draws you in:)

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot, I'm glad you liked it.

Anonymous Guest 05 Dec 2011


Kirby 22 Aug 2009

This came out great realy, I use a .05 mechanicle pencile and try to shade rather than smudge, try that if your not stuck in digital like I am, I need to sketch more, I'm like you always messing with old stuff, it's still fun!!

Artist Reply: Thank you, i use the same pencil. I buy different leads for it with different hardness ranges.

Anonymous Guest 14 Jul 2009

your art is very good keep up the good work

Artist Reply: Thank you, and I am glad you liked it. If I had a model as pretty as Alyson I could make a lot of great pictures.

kevin rollins 06 Jun 2009

fantastic portrait!

Artist Reply: Thank you very much for your comment Kevin