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Family Abstract

32 x 48 on lauan panel


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Jeanne-Marie Keckler 19 May 2009

Jim: Where do the titles come from? Before the painting, during the process, or after the work is complete? Do they "name themselves" or does the "name inspire/influence" the work? or... like Balthus wished should it remain in the realm of "now just let us look at the work"? In viewing much of your work, questions fill the air, questions for you & questions of myself. Don't mind asking the "Jim questions", the "my mind questions" are not so easy. (Don't all humans find a way to make it all about themselves? LOL) Thanks for the share. J~M

Eva Rogers 16 May 2009

nice jim, bruce likes it too

Regina Coeli deWinter 15 May 2009