Creepy Mushroom 3

Last set of creepy mushroom. Mom asked me what it means... I said nothing. It is just a funky mushroom and our brains are associating the shape in the middle with a skull- or the fairies are being little tricksters!


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 29 May 2013

We live in NC and found this same mushroom all alone in our large yard. My daughter took a picture of it. We are also artists and found this to be a sign of something. We both feel that it does have a meaning. We thought it was a flower at first, but ours did not have a skull figure inside. Glad we figured it out. We were creeped out also.

Anonymous Guest 09 May 2009

I would certainly be making the sign of the Cross with holy water over this nasty anomaly if I were your mother and not eating this due to it's obvious nasty energy and the dangers of eating a possible and almost certainly poisonous mushroom is definitely wise :o) -- Love from Tahnja

Anonymous Guest 08 May 2009

Awesome...Wow, What a Wonderful Discovery! Great Shot! ~Have an incredible Weekend~

Sharon Gonzalez 07 May 2009


jerry carlin 07 May 2009

This is on Ebay, I assume?

Artist Reply: I had two people tell me to put it on ebay... and now your comment hehe. I'd hate to think some idiot might want to eat it.
Artist Reply: And I mean no offense to the people who like to eat mushrooms... but even if this is just a fluke anomaly, I was taught not to eat things with skulls on them- it screams "poisonous!"