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Honey Hands

Honey Hands Oil On Canvas


Anonymous Guest (IP:

Maureen Bloesch 25 Mar 2015

very nice, good soft colors!

Artist Reply: I had A feeling This would be Well Received, Many Thanks,Maureen my Friend for your kind comments and I appreciate your constant support of my works.

Marika Rozalia Seprenyi 21 Oct 2014

this has to be my pod John..congrats!

Artist Reply: Dear Marika, Thank you So much for Your very kind Comments and I Appreciate You taking time to view this too!

Pamela Rivera 23 Jun 2014

your portraits are simply amazing John!

Artist Reply: Thank You so very much for your Fine compliments, Dear Pamela,You are making my day!

Heloisa Castro 26 Mar 2014

Excellent work!!! My fav.

Artist Reply: Dear Heloisa Thank You so much,for All Your Wonderful comments, They mean so much to me! Also for checking out my other works too and Taking the time to respond!

Joseph Mangiacotti 21 Jan 2014

Oh my God John what a Beautiful Painting! The eyes are just great. The colors are excellent. The overall painting is a Masterpiece.

Artist Reply: Dear Joseph Thank You for those sweet words Hugs,John.

Anne Whiteway 17 Jan 2014

John, this is wonderful and inspirational art. All the details and colors are so well done and this inspires me so much!

Artist Reply: Dear Anne,Thank You So much my Friend for Your very kind Comments. I'm glad You took time to view this too!

yves colas 03 Oct 2012

mervelous personnages,with great expressions of the face,superb details too.excellently done!

Artist Reply: Dear Yves Thank You so much, All Your Wonderful comments mean so much to me! Thank You also for checking out my other works,and Taking the time to respond!

Elizabeth Lindberg 26 Aug 2012

Outstanding work on the woman's face, great blended tones. I love the vase as well, and the daisies on the corner of the dress. Perfect color for the background, complimenting the bright colors in the the vase and flowers. Good work John. If you want to read a funny story I wrote, check out the community poety page. :D hugs

Artist Reply: Dear Beth Thank You You are A Wonderful Lady and Talented in so many ways. I showed this to my niece and she said it was "Scary" i said, Yes because this girl already has a baby to take care of :-)

Cathy Holford 31 May 2012

So precious!

Artist Reply: dear Cathy I Thank You very much for your nice words.

marie-claire gallet 24 May 2012

Each time I visit your portfolio I find a new marvel !! This portrait is incredible, love the softness of the mother's face and the expression of the kid !!! Lovely !!!! and pretty well-done !!!

Artist Reply: THANK YOU Marie Claire You Are very Nice.Thanks my friend, also for taking the time to view my work.

Sara Deutsch 15 Mar 2012

You caught the mischievous expression of the child perfectly!

Artist Reply: THANK YOU Sara, You Are very Nice.Thanks my friend, also for taking the time to view my work.

Cristina Andrisan 06 Mar 2012


Artist Reply: Thank You for the nice comment Been meaning to Check out more of Your fine Work! Sincerely, John.
Artist Reply: Dear Cristina Thank You so very much for Your kind words, I'm Happy You like this and Thanks for looking also. Huge Hugs, John

Sigridur Bachmann 17 Jul 2011

Such a great colors and beautiful work ! Great composition and expression on they faces !

Artist Reply: THANK YOU Sigridur You Are very Nice.Thanks my friend, also for taking the time to view my work.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 13 Jul 2011

John you have a lot of talent! Keep learning keep experimenting!-Jimmy Guan

Miles Baker 07 Jul 2011

a really pleasing work!

jimmy guan 05 May 2011

Great Artwork!

Ginger Lovellette 23 Jan 2011

Nice portrait work!

Vivian Gutierrez 22 May 2010

beautiful work!!

Renata Cavanaugh 07 Jun 2009

You have such a beautiful page....

Artist Reply: THANK YOU Renata You Are very Nice.Thanks my friend, also for taking the time to view my work.

Eugenia Abramson 13 May 2009

So beautiful, lovely face. Beautiful painting

Teresa Dominici 11 May 2009

Beatiful work and composition.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 10 May 2009

such an adorable and beautiful work!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 08 May 2009

is awesome beautiful dear

Alberto D'Assumpcao 05 May 2009

Wonderful composition, John!

Sharon Gonzalez 05 May 2009


Johnnie Jumper III 05 May 2009

Looks like she has her hands full with that one!

Jan van Baarle 05 May 2009

Awesome painting John!

Stefani Wehner 05 May 2009

delightful painting, John!

Anneke Hut 05 May 2009

Just awesome, her face is very sweet and beautiful.