Mother of the Clown Passe by David Mask |

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Mother of the Clown Passe

Copyright Protected 2009 David Mask


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Charles Jones 11 Mar 2011

This is an excellent pen and ink, David. It has a flavor of surreality that appeals to me. Yes, I'm a sucker for lots and lots of cross-hatching. :)

Bob Caldwell 20 May 2009

Dave, this is one of my favorite ones out of the many you have done. I believe this fellow has a taste for just about anything in life. This is one of the prime examples of your style and technique with pen & ink. It tells a story about an amazing imagination that just won't give up the Ghost. Keep up the wonderful work Dave because you have it in the bag as far as I can see. You have one of the best hand in art that I know of.

Annette Labedzki 01 May 2009

Excellent, with a touch of creepy!