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Rose Breasted Grosbeak

It was a real thrill to have this rare bird, the male Rose Breasted Grosbeak, at our feeder today. You can sure tell where he got his Grosbeak name!


Anonymous Guest


Gorgeous capture . Thanks for sharing . ~ jennifer kessell

jane fabrycki 10 May 2009


francis kwok peng kin 29 Apr 2009

amazing close up work, great nature.

Ann Fawssett-Atkin 28 Apr 2009

Sorry... the last comment was me Emily

Anonymous Guest 28 Apr 2009

You are so fortunate to have seen this bird Superb capture Emily

Anonymous Guest 28 Apr 2009

You are so fortunate to have seen this bird Superb capture Emily

Francis Rivera 28 Apr 2009

Aww he's so cute! Adorable! ^_^

Mary Janosik 28 Apr 2009

Lucky you, Lucky us!!!

Vincent von Frese 28 Apr 2009

They have a very distinctive beak aptly designed for nut cracking.

Jan van Baarle 28 Apr 2009


cynthia berridge 28 Apr 2009

what a beautiful colourful bird

Heli Aarniranta 27 Apr 2009

Great capture and how gourgeous to experience thank you for sharing.

Anonymous Guest 27 Apr 2009

First time I ever saw one. Super ....That is me below also...

Anonymous Guest 27 Apr 2009

Beautiful shot...

Loredana 27 Apr 2009

Gorgeous bird Em :)

Marika Antal 27 Apr 2009

so sweet!!

Reba McDonald 27 Apr 2009

A very unusual fellow. Nice catch Emily

Stanley Layman 27 Apr 2009

We used to call them grain crackers. We don't see many anymore. There were a lot of them around corn bins gleaning loose grains of corn. They just are not there anymore.

Anonymous Guest 27 Apr 2009

wonderful portrait work.

Robin Foss 27 Apr 2009

Great shot.

BILL NAGY 27 Apr 2009

Great portraitof this bird, Emily. You are right about the beak. BILL NAGY

Doris Blessington 27 Apr 2009

Thanks, I've never seen one!

Warren Ballard 27 Apr 2009

Wonderful capture Emily!

Cathy Holford 27 Apr 2009

Very nice capture.

Gordon Christie 27 Apr 2009

I thought I had seen them all - my father kept birds (I used to set them free!). I've never heard of this one though.

Ai Shan 27 Apr 2009

Nice capture!

cindy sink 27 Apr 2009

lovely bird lovely shot

Aqua1955 27 Apr 2009

Sometimes I wonder how close you can get with your camera.. Great shot Emily

Stefani Wehner 27 Apr 2009

You are lucky to take a shot. Excellent!

Gabrielle Stahlie 27 Apr 2009

What a lovely bird and a good shot...never see it befor

Barry Huyett 27 Apr 2009

U R everywhere......beautiful!