Jennifer Jones

This sketch is an illustration for a poem written by the fabulous dark fantasy author Philip Lee McCall II . He will have a book of his poetry published in 2010 with this sketch (& 3 others I have created). I will let everyone know when the book is available.

Prints available on my website

"Jennifer Jones"

A girl named Jennifer Jones
Loved to look at broken bones
Not in the manner of an archeologist
More in the method of an alchemist

Among the broken bits and shards
She would see through the mysterious veil
Like an old gypsy gazing upon tarot cards
She would come to understand the future's tale

Now being a girl just the age of twelve
There are those whom doubt her power
They would say children should never delve
In the realm of supernatural and the midnight hour

Jennifer would consider no such thing
For she knows what the future might bring
Her view goes beyond a single minute
She could play the lottery and win it

Instead, she often shakes her head
Hearing desperate voices of the dead
She sees our future to be greatly grim
Because we live our lives on a whim

No matter how many times she would throw
The broken bones to the floor below
The future seemed unchangeable
Humankind is also far from infallible

A gift or perhaps a curse
Maybe Jennifer suffers worse
For she can clearly see
Our inevitable future calamity

~ Copyright 2009 - Philip Lee McCall II

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Stephanie Williams 27 Apr 2009

Wow! The poem is too right! And the drawing is perfect.