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Deborah Martin 28 Aug 2006

Gorgeous beautiful butterfly!!!!!

Tina Roberts 08 Aug 2005

This is a great peice! I was drawn right to it! Great use of colours!

Solar Ic3 14 Sep 2004

love the colors and the shape it's so full and so alive! great work

Peter Szabo Gabor 01 Aug 2004

Jesus... great colors! Caught my eyes first second.

sher richardson 15 Jun 2004

hello heavens... you are always so enthusiastic and wonderful at commenting...thankyou.. this is a wonderful use of colour and joyful to look at... : )

Rob Slijkhuis 05 Jun 2004

What a great use of color; so vibrant! When looking at it you get a happy feel! The total image is well balanced; I like it! Greetz, Rob

Erin Ruff 02 Jun 2004

I LOVE this! I'd put this on my wall if I had a print!

Laura Mitchell 25 May 2004

so beautiful and serene...thankyou so much for your lovely comments...you're very talented and I will keep your art on artwatch! :)

Bob Szesnat 17 May 2004

i love the feel of this piece. its very peacefull. Cool almost chilly colors

Lenny Hall -Experimental Images 11 May 2004

Very captivating.

Christine OMeara 27 Apr 2004

I love this one! The colors are so vivd! Thank you!

Amy Bass 26 Apr 2004

love the vobrant colors this realy is beutiful

Hanna Monola 26 Apr 2004

Beautiful work, so wonderful colours!

Melissa 24 Apr 2004

excellent job! nice colours and style! - looks like its moving

Angel Hede 23 Apr 2004

P#@&ionate use of colors! Vibrant yet subtle. Beautiful and bold.

Vicky Torres 16 Apr 2004

Nice very nice

Mary Gehrke 16 Apr 2004

this is so great I love the blues in this !!

Vicky Tico 15 Apr 2004

nice colors!!

Peter Newman 11 Apr 2004

Super cool, very nice use of color (really love blue) the red contrats beutifuly pulling focus right into the picture

DAVID OLSEN 06 Apr 2004


maggie koons 05 Apr 2004

beautiful effect

Gary Glass 04 Apr 2004

Another color combination that I love, , Nice vibrant colors..

Dawn Landrum 04 Apr 2004