I'm an odd thing. >.> I think the picture mostly can speak for itself. It was sort of a photoshop test since I haven't been working with it a lot recently. Overall it turned out about how I wanted it. I was hoping for more of a painterly feel but it appears the picture wanted to do it's own thing.


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Kirby 13 May 2009


Lorelei Madreuno 19 Apr 2009

Wow, this is really good. And it gets a point across!

Aqua1955 08 Apr 2009

wowww Great anime

Regina Coeli deWinter 08 Apr 2009

It's a very bold and impressive image, Heather - I like what you've done here.

Linda Storey 08 Apr 2009

A good interpretation, The understated impression requires deeper observation than 'in your face' and works equally well in highlighting a world problem.