Petunia and Sweetpea

This is a photo of dogs Petunia and Sweetpea on vacation in Canada. Sweetpea's first day at the beach. It was a great day. All David Mask art including photographs are copyright Protected 2009. Any copies of any kind are prohibited without written permission from the artist.


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Katerina Koukiotis 09 Apr 2009

cute picture and doggies!!

Annette Labedzki 06 Apr 2009

very very nice

Tia Antoniades 05 Apr 2009

Awe, sweet!

Beatrix Jahn 05 Apr 2009

Cute little the names! Lovely photo!

Regina Coeli deWinter 05 Apr 2009

David, this is a very sweet photo...what charming pups.

Chris Dinesen Rogers 05 Apr 2009

Cute pic--and perfect names for the cuties!

Anneke Hut 05 Apr 2009

David, I love the way you talk about them, like members of the family, which they are. Lovely buddies your Petunia and Sweetpea!

Cindy Sugg 05 Apr 2009

A really cute photo David

Sharon Gonzalez 05 Apr 2009


Stefani Wehner 05 Apr 2009

they looks so adorable! Cute catch,David!