When Vibrations of

When Vibrations of "Love" are Locked between "WALLS".
This is theoretical idea.
The 2 different abstract patterns represent, the emotions of two different people who had/have different yet similar feelings to each other, perhaps attraction,or love of some kind.
In a way, their way they feel it, but both are locked in different spaces without the ability to really "touch" each other physically or verbally even.
This situation can occurs in the internet, but also in real life.
This is one theoretical state of the situation, but can be other one, in which one of the 2 developed himself/herself to another stage, in this "GAME"
Outside observer/s make a research on it. The research can be maybe useful to other people, yet in these term of this "GAME" , Which they would call IT a research...
- The terms of the research are very VERY cruel. Even if the frame, has a wonderful friendly Purplish colour.. still it has VERY RIGID rules that can cause real danger, to one's mind.. or one's heart.
And.. even if the colours inside are pleasing... Still...
Thanks for viewing and commenting.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

geoff cooper 04 Apr 2009

nice and cheering.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 30 Mar 2009

Shalom Nira, Life is not easy. Someone whos having such situation in life, must know how cope with it and to be protected. Your abstract is very creative colorful with magic. XXX

Artist Reply: YES... I very much agree.. Yet sometimes with the understanding.. One may not know how to deal with a situation correctly. Everyday is a new lesson. Kindest regards...thanks... XXXX Nira.

Gina Cowins 28 Mar 2009

Hello Nira, really odd combinations in form, which makes it unique, very nice work of art.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Gina. kindest regards.. Nira.

Ai Shan 27 Mar 2009

Wonderful work and great idea, Nira!

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot.. kindest Regards, Nira

KC CHANG 27 Mar 2009


Artist Reply: Thanks a lot.. kindest Regards, Nira