Warm Heart for Nadia (Nadya)

Photos taken, March 14, 09... morning. Dedicated to a dear woman, Nadia.. The first woman who encourage my painting...My drawing teacher , in elementary school. A very wise, strange woman :-).. with extraordinary sense of humor. An artist herself.

For the inspiration, you gave to my life back then..
For the inspiration , I gave to your life... just after back then..
For your love to children...
For being such special as you are... Because you are so special.. and so strong.
be healthy... !!
I know, I see paintings of you in future.
Love you.. your Nirush... Nirka
No Nadia is not surfing the internet.. she prefers to read and cook :-)...
Edula, if you are here by chance today.. hug her for me, until i'll visit.

Thanks for viewing and commenting...
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush


Anonymous Guest (IP:

geoff cooper 04 Apr 2009

lovely picture Nira.

Barry Huyett 24 Mar 2009

4 inspiration.....beautiful!

Artist Reply: Get inspired Barry... of course can you take inspiration for 4 artworks and more :-)... there's a good chance that i'll inspired by it as well. warm regards...

Alberto D'Assumpcao 24 Mar 2009

Spectacular image and colours, dear Nira!!! Great tribute, my friend!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear Alberto... Enjoy the day, Nira.

Thom Roslan 24 Mar 2009

How Sweet, Dear Nira.....or should I say Nirush ? Such a "cute" nickname for you.....you must have been a diligent student of hers......and you still stay in contact with her? How delightful !

Artist Reply: Dear Thomi... you call me, the way it feel natural for you. Nirush is my most common nickname, since childhood. My father call me Nirush or Nirushka (Nirushka - kolaka {=shokolada}) also :-) My brothers and also mostly the younger one...my sister in law (usually), and few other friends also call me Nirush. I have close friends calling me Nira of course :-)... So... Thomi... I very much like people calling me Nirush, for me it's natural, like Nira. In away there's the SH sound OF niruSH in DabuSH.. So, its kind of mixute. So please feel free to use, any nickname.. because you undoubtedly one of the closest I-NET friends, I have.

Izabella Pavlushko 23 Mar 2009

awesome colors, LOVE IT, dear Nira!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Izabella... Good morning from Israel...

Warren Ballard 23 Mar 2009


Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Warren... Good morning from Israel... Sleep well my friend :-).

lillianhibiscus 23 Mar 2009

Very pretty tribute Nira.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Lillian... Good morning from Israel... Sleep well my friend :-).

Ai Shan 23 Mar 2009

Such beautiful shot, Nira!

Artist Reply: Dear Aishan.. Thanks so much. Warm regards.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 23 Mar 2009

Like your heart filled with warmth and beauty, Nira. Charming sentimental tribute to a wonderful lady.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much for charming visit... Warm regards.. Nira.

LouAnn Knight 23 Mar 2009

How lucky your were to receive encouragement towards art at a young age. Mine was just the opposite. We all enjoy your 'blessings'..

Artist Reply: LouAnn... Yes, I recieved encouragement to my painting, as a kid.. though, I think we maybe had an hour a week, not more... and it was quite a free lesson, in which only the subject was selected by Nadia... and mostly used Oil pastel most years. YET.. The ironic thing is we had also "MELACHA" lessons - handmade lessons in some subjects... that teacher did not encouraged me particularly, and some of the sewing works my mom used to finish, as I remember... So .. I never really learn to use a sewing machine :-)... But then in high school, i made SO many beautiful handmade by myself, my ideas... what shows that sometimes teachers can give so much... and others may take... and it's just one example. I have some more :-)... And YOU, is another example of course :-) Blessings, my friend.

Reba McDonald 23 Mar 2009

A beautiful tribute Nira.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much Reba'le.. Warm regards.

Annette Labedzki 23 Mar 2009


Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Annette.. Regards..

Sharon Gonzalez 23 Mar 2009


Artist Reply: Yellows and Greens like your painting, Sharon... I have some more works in these colours, photos and paintings. Thanks so much.. Love xox Nira.

Sandra McClure 23 Mar 2009

Beautiful honor Nira. Wonderful photos

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Sandra... Honor start with oneself inside... One should honor himself/ herself always and never forget this fact... And then honor goes both sides also - VERY IMPORTANT !!

Maria Anna Machado 23 Mar 2009

Beautiful homage.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much... Warm regards

Anneke Hut 23 Mar 2009

The love is in this artwork like a spring breeze. What a wonderful wise lady to give you such great advice.

Artist Reply: You are very insightful, Anneke.. more then you know. Sending Spring Breeze your way. Love, Nira.

Regina Coeli deWinter 23 Mar 2009

Beautiful forsythia and tribute.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Regina.. Fosythia, you say :-).. (?).. Warmest regards.. Nira.

Stefani Wehner 23 Mar 2009

wonderful capture and words, Nira. She'll love it.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much, Stefani.. kindest regards, Nira.

Emily Reed 23 Mar 2009


Artist Reply: Dear Emily.. I truly don't know the name of this plant, it's rare in Israel. I checked about Forsythia .. it does not seems to me as Forsythia ... Anyway I found only one kind of Forsythia in the I-net. Thanks so much.. Warm regards, Nira.

Beatrix Jahn 23 Mar 2009

Beautiful photo and a wonderful text! Im sure she will love it! Very nice Nira!

Artist Reply: She's not surfing the net... but I'm going to send her something else by post until I can visit her. Her appreciation for art, or the works of her pupils, is unbelievable. Thanks so much.. Nira.

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 23 Mar 2009

marvellous warm image and so is the text! love the sunshine feelings here, dear Nirasje.

Artist Reply: For sunshine in LIFE, dear Nellushka. Love, Nira.