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Art Show of the class I teach

I'm proud to announce that the very talented STUDENTS of the Art Class I teach at ALL
(University of Delaware, Wilmington Campus) have an Art Exhibit in the South Hall of the building.
If you live in the neighborhood, please check it out!

Second Picture:
This is the way I communicate with my students via email about the preparation of the art show.

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Caballero Salguero 14 Feb 2011

Splendid piece very original of old 2010 Olga, is all creativity... you style is much style.. quality and elegance this is great art, wonderful, Pepe

Sylvia Jackovitch-Kallay 08 Jun 2010


Maurizio Miele 06 Jan 2010

FANTASTIC -HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Artist Reply: Maurizio, YOU ROCK! HAPPY NEW YEAR! Love and Light, Olga

Renata Cavanaugh 23 Mar 2009


Armando Salas 22 Mar 2009

Belated congrats. Just coming back to AW. I'm sure the exhibition was a total success.

Petra Wohlwerth 22 Mar 2009

I wished I were living in Wilmington.

Cathy Holford 21 Mar 2009

That is awesome. Congrats!

Jan van Baarle 20 Mar 2009

Veel succes Olga!

Gabrielle Stahlie 18 Mar 2009

Geweldig leuk om dit te beleven lijkt me. Veel succes Olga!

Teresa Dominici 17 Mar 2009

Congratulations Olga, have a wonderful exhibit.

Mary Janosik 16 Mar 2009

The culmination of many hard working should be proud!! Nice photo of you!!!

Seth Weaver 16 Mar 2009

Congratulations Olga! I hope you have a fabulous showing of your talented students work.

Anneke Hut 16 Mar 2009

Congratulations Olga! Much success and fun with the show!

Cathy Jones 15 Mar 2009

I would love to view the exhibit in person! Hope you have a fantastic turnout, Congratulations!

Ai Shan 15 Mar 2009

Wonderful achievement, Olga!

Thom Roslan 15 Mar 2009

Great Musical Collage behind you ( upper image) Great intro to your class ! Fantastic 3D card, beautiful coloring (lower image), excellent descriptive layout ! !

joost 14 Mar 2009


Kamaljeet Chugh 14 Mar 2009

Very interesting and practical. U r a good teacher indeed.

Bev Chudey 14 Mar 2009

Very nice Olga!

Marika Antal 14 Mar 2009

congratulations my dear!!

Stanley Layman 14 Mar 2009

Nicely done!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 14 Mar 2009

Aren't they lucky to have a sexy thing like you showing them how to produce art? Luv and laffs , frank.

Robin Foss 14 Mar 2009


Ginger Lovellette 14 Mar 2009

Outstanding ad for the exhibit. Great photo of you!

Loren Carson 14 Mar 2009


Ann Fawssett-Atkin 14 Mar 2009

All very very best wishes for the Art Show Olga...

LouAnn Knight 14 Mar 2009

How wonderful! You must be so excited. I would be! Hope it's a roaring success, lovely lady!! Your students are lucky folks!!! Bravo!!!

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 14 Mar 2009

fantastisch Olga!! congrats!!

Bernhard Mueller 14 Mar 2009

You are so professional. No doubt. I wish you success at your work.

Nira Dabush 14 Mar 2009

Olga this is FANTASTIC... Just love to see these presentation of yours. WONDERFUL. And you look beautiful in there :-). I'm busy myself in the last few days to arrange the presentation to my upcoming exhibitions.. coming 2-3 days after YOURS :-)... I wish you and your class the SUCCESS.. I'm sure it will be DELIGHTFUL.. My spirit will be with you there. BEST OF LUCK!

Sharon Gonzalez 14 Mar 2009


Beatrix Jahn 14 Mar 2009

Much success with the show Olga!!!

Izabella Pavlushko 14 Mar 2009

good luck to your students and you, dear Olga !!! Great presentation !!!