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Gaboon Viper art, Bitus gebonica art,

I painted this from a deceased Gaboon Viper that was given to me by a friend, Roy Engeldorf who found it dead in his collection in 1974. I made this drawing and several others from it before removing it's fangs and discarding it. The Gaboon viper is the heaviest bodied venomous snake in the world. It also has the largest venom injecting fangs of any venomous snake known. The next heaviest might be considered with the King Cobra. I personally have handled a 20' specimen which was as gentile as a kitten! It belonged to a snake man friend in Oklahoma.


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Renata Cavanaugh 09 Nov 2014

Love your attention to detail...beautiful

M Smith 09 Jun 2011


Sharon Gonzalez 11 Mar 2009


Artist Reply: Thank you Sharon!