kingston by June Brigman |

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Ms.Brigman has recently moved into animal portraiture with great success. She specializes in horses and dogs, but can render any animal with the proper reference.

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Jacques Mayou 05 Jul 2009

That's some really good pastel work. Just rating. I've never seen a horse with that huge of a neck. He (she) must be strong!

Amy Yampanis 10 May 2007

incredible job! you did a really good job of shading on this piece!

Jhatonna Turner 20 Jun 2006

A beauttiful horse at that! Well if she can do that, then nothing can stop her and she can do whatever she wants and get it right! ^__^

Christina Toews 10 May 2005

I would love to see a larger image of this... it looks great! Very life-like, wonderful shading and depth. I'm impressed!

Christine Calderon 18 Dec 2004

You did an awsome job on this!! the background is impecable and the horse is perfect!!