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Dvarim she'RO'EIM misham.. Lo ro'eim mikan.
" Things " U sEE From " there " , Can't be seen From HERE.
Triple meaning... ! ( for my realization and maybe yours as well )

People are following our way in the virtual world.. some people we know, others we don't.. Some people in time, let us know this fact, by comments, art...or other means of communication. Others will never tell us, this fact.. It will be a "coincidence" to reveal those hidden followers.
I hope those follow my way enjoy their time, doing so.

So how long do YOU, Follow my way in internet, I just wonder... (?)

Thanks for viewing, watching ... following and even more for taking your time to comment..

This is going to be a perfect day .. Love...

Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

A note : 11 hours after posting this work 99 open this image, 14 comment :-).. So who are those who visit me without me really knowing it... {?}...
Well the usual "ties" following me, I know ( probably not all )... One "tie" , my best admirer all times in internet ( no doubt :-) commented the way this "tie" knows SO WELL :-).. love you !

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Anonymous Guest

Bob Caldwell 10 Mar 2009

The colors are just too wonderful to say.

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 01 Mar 2009

GORGEOUS Gorgeous symmetrical work of art, my Dear Friend!!!Wow such Gorgeous Colors in this OUTSTANDING Nira Dabush Design Work!!!You are a Brilliant multi-talented Artist and Beautiful Friend!!! I sooooooo Thank God for the Gift of your Beautiful Friendship!!! Hope you and your Beautiful Family are having a Fantastic BEAUTIFUL Day; full of Joy, Love and Peace!!! With Love & Prayers, ((((((((HUGS))))))),Dee&David:):)

Artist Reply: I thank god to have you as one precious gift of friendship... Thanks so much for visiting, my blessings are for you & David...with love & prayers. ((( (((hugs))) ))) NIRA.

geoff cooper 01 Mar 2009

great mosaic Nira..

Artist Reply: Thanks once more dear Geoff.. have a delightful day!

lillianhibiscus 27 Feb 2009

Gorgeous design Nira. Your art is a reflection of how colorful you must be as a person. Very intense. glad to follow your work Nira.

Artist Reply: well I believe I am colourful as a person, Lillian. I live colours... I BREATH colours.. I'm happy with COLOURS. Few days ago, someone surprised me & said to me, you should have got married with colour ... It was quite an extraordinary saying , especially coming from a person, I know short time... I thought about it just a little and in a way I am married to colours, my colours. And my love to colour make me HAPPY. Thanks so much... enjoy viewing your ART,as well.. Nira.

Izabella Pavlushko 27 Feb 2009

I always enjoy my time following your way, my dear Nira.Your work wonderful as always !

Artist Reply: Hello my dear Izabella... I also enjoy viewing your art, you know... Your words here and now inspire me to start planning my next composition.. in just several moments of a time :-).. Enjoy the weekend.. Here seems to be a Rainy day :-).. Love, Nira.