Rachok Me'ha'aain Rachok Me'halev

Rachok Me'ha'aain Rachok Me'halev = out of sight-out of mind.
What do you think , correct or not... {?}
absence makes the heart grow fonder ... correct or not.. {?}

People come into our life for a reason... sometimes to teach us a lesson or more..
Sometimes to prepare us to a new kind of experience..

Sometimes a talk with someone different from you, show you a whole different perspective of a subject.. especially if you are a square & naive person, in one or 2 subjects, such as myself...

Thanks for viewing and commenting...
This is going to be a WONDERFUL weekend !! :-)

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Karen Helsing 13 Apr 2011

It's correct if the absent person reciprocates that fondness from thime to time.

Craig Cantrell 17 Dec 2010


Maria Anna Machado 24 Aug 2010


Calvin McFarlane 24 Aug 2010

A magnificent display Nira. The "persistence of memory" sometimes will not allow somethings to ever be out of mind. We keep our peace as best we can.

Brigitte Hintner 24 Aug 2010

You're such creative and talented person dear Nira ...always apleasure to browse through your wonderful portfolio!!! Just love your work!:-) Lovely greetings from my housedoor to yours!!!