Garg me sitting - GGPP- Done

Edit: I was excepted and was placed right up front for everyone to see how crapy it was. I was even able to see it. I was there. *Does happy dance* The finished GGPP can be foud here: GGPP

This is how I see myself as a gargoyle. Nothing fancy, just the basics here. The only thing standing out on me is the heart shaped horns, that sweep back slightly. As you can see, I gave up on the feet and just put the dress over them, I figered with placing myself sitting, it wont matter too much will it?(Yes, I do wear alot of rings.I just had to get creative on where to put them.)

So here it is, the finished product of my hard work. I never want to PC color again without a tablet. (Note to self, get one) I just hope Neomae fines it worth of the Gargoyles Group Picture Project.

In the end after trying to do this thing for four freaking months it ticked me off and I just used the burn feature on my program (PhotoImpacted 4.2) to do the shading. So I cheeted, bite me. I also took a pic of my bracelet and pasted it on the pic as well. Again I cheated, and again I say. Bite Me. I don't care at this point. It's done! For those who are interested. You can't tell, but the bracelet is silver with a chinese dragon, breathing fire on it. Those of you who will be attending the gathering will get to see it up close.

Now I shall send this off to Neomae and keep my fingers crossed or in this case keep them from throughing the mouse out the window.

Colored with PhotoImpacted 4.2 (Yes you read that right)

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