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Be My Guard, Just Don't Bring a Sword With You...

Textile design for Silk.
Inspirational writing for Valentine's day.
Years back... memories from the past...
That afternoon, she went to visit him at his place.
She wear her Japaneses floral print shirt , shaped as a kimono and a long mini skirt (jeans)..
Her eyes were widely opened, astonishingly seeing him for the first time wearing one of his fine striped shirt , and Blue jeans... Usually he used to wear T-Shirts with his jeans. He never saw her wearing skirts although, she used to wear skirts daily... it was one rare time, he saw her wearing a skirt, perhaps the only time... She sat on a chair noticing a new designed table at his " chamber "... He got up from his own chair and came leaned as if sit on that new table, very close to her... She was quite amazed, perhaps scared a bit even .. it was as if he almost invaded her small piece of privacy there...No, he was not a dangerous guy. Yet, she would not expect this from him, knowing him ... It was totally unlikely him. OH, Yes, she knew he had feelings for her, she also had feelings for him, but she wasn't sure, he knew of her feelings. That man, could not look into her eyes .. this fact made it difficult for her to look into his eyes :-)... If you wonder, no , nothing really happened between them.. But well planted seeds of love.. .. .. .. very carefully planned .
Some seeds can bloom to fruit of imagination...

Probably her imagination took her elsewhere then his imagination took him.
Be my guard, just don't bring your sword with you ... my heart is too sensitive...

Well, I know some of you miss my presence here, so.. here I am, but truly need the time, to work for my upcoming exhibition and much more then I can explain here, or now.
If you have the time, please view my blog. Thanks for viewing and commenting.
Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest

geoff cooper 21 Feb 2009

nice work Nira, see you soon..

lillianhibiscus 18 Feb 2009

Fabulous color and design Nira.

Artist Reply: Thanks a lot dear Lillian.. kind regards, Nira.

Steve Farr 18 Feb 2009

Wonderful image, Nira! Also great words accompany your work!! Take care!! ~S

Artist Reply: Dear Steve.. thanks for your comments.. Take good care yourself, Nira ~ !

Alberto D'Assumpcao 16 Feb 2009

Fantastic patterns and colours, Nira!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear Alberto... kind regards, NIRA.

francis kwok peng kin 15 Feb 2009

very imaginative story and exciting color work.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear Francis.. glad that you like the story and work. Do you like FaceBook ? ... kindest regards, NIRA.