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A walk on the ice (Schwarzsee)

W/S Oils on Cottonpanel 24-30 cm.Signed lower right. Painted plein air at -3°C, water useless but malmedium with oil added sufficed. Figures added in studio.


Anonymous Guest

Delia Pacheco 04 Nov 2009

lovely painting!


What a great painting. The skiers add such a great touch to the gorgeous scenery. Thanks for sharing. ~ jennifer kessell

Anonymous Guest 08 Feb 2009

Great shadows following the lay of the land - I can see the path I would take to ski down those slopes. I think the level of detail in the figures is absolutely fine, as they are in the foreground compared with the trees, etc. You were right to include them, as I think it really benefits from their presence. Once again your snow colours are really very good, and the lake (which you paint so well as open water in the summer) is very well represented as a flat icy surface. Also I love the clear blue alpine sky. Altogether a well composed and very pleasing painting, bringing back many happy skiing memories! ****

Beatrix Jahn 08 Feb 2009

Lovely Keith...the slopes are nice for skiing too! ;-)