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Motherly Love

This is definitely one of the most difficult drawings I've done, basically because of the creases and lines in the elephants skin. I also blended charcoal pencil into parts of this and I think it works well with the pencils. I used light grey, A3 pastel paper. I watched a documentary on these amazing animals awhile ago with a photographer called Martyn Colbeck who followed one particular herd around for years. They gradually got to know and trust him and things he discovered about them were just fascinating. I never realised just how intelligent, caring and gentle they are. Absolutely gorgeous creatures! Hope you enjoy this one, excuse the untidy edges, I haven't got my program to crop it at the moment. Thanks so much for taking a look, have a great day, Joanne:-)


Anonymous Guest

pa fredrik 29 Jan 2009

good pencil work

debbie collier 27 Jan 2009

Oh I love this!!! Beautifully done!!!

Renata Cavanaugh 27 Jan 2009

I remember when I painted my elephants...it was quite a challanging piece....You did amazing as always

Artist Reply: Hi Renata, I know, I remember your gorgeous painting, it was outstanding. I've just taken a look at it now and realised you called it Mother's Love. I forgot you called your painting by that name, I wouldn't have chosen such a similar one if I'd remembered, lol! Anyway, thank you so much for your lovely comments:)

debbie braswell 27 Jan 2009


Artist Reply: Thank you so much Debbie, take care:)

Ana Tirolese 27 Jan 2009

You did a fabulous job. It looks fantastic. It is well rendered. The composition is good. And the "adorable factor" is extremely high. :)

Artist Reply: What a great review, thanks so much Ana:)