War Child

After seeing the horrible images from Gaza, dead, hungry and terrified children, I could not but do this artwork. I don't know if this art reflects the sadness I have, seeing what is happening in Gaza, I hope it does. This artwork is dedicated to the children of Gaza, and all the children effected and killed by war.

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John Cappello 05 Oct 2012

Excellent Colors, lighting, and great details to THIS work it's Truly Outstanding

Jude Rouslin 30 May 2009

Hisham, It's been a while since I've seen your work. The atrocities , will they ever end? Your work always amazes me and you are so on the mark with this one.But then again, you've always been able to capture the realities of war. I see so much in this piece.Yet in the US, it's always spun in a different tone entirely. Which is why I never get my news from MSM spin masters. Art is where reality is. Take care.

Solar Ic3 06 Apr 2009


v blair 22 Jan 2009

It just breaks my heart...excellent work Hisham

Anonymous Guest 22 Jan 2009

Hello Hisham, Good work. Though war is horrible and estructive and its very hard to express, your artwork does. It reflects the horrible acts and the sadness and ... Keep on Hi Hisham, I forgot to write my name, Suha Zureik.