Heat was created using multiple layers of resin giving it incredible depth and glow. The high gloss produced by the resins is not a separate coating but is created by the resin itself. The super hard resin imparts a glass like appearance to the artwork with incredible depth and radiance. The use of metallic pigments adds to the radiant high lights in this artwork. Heat is a contemporary abstract that blends multiple colors to create a world unto itself. This image is guaranteed to brighten any environment. Heat is UV protected to insure archival properties. Heat was created on a strong wooden frame using multiple layers of resin mixed with high-grade pigments. The artwork is very sturdy and easy to clean. I recommend using a microfiber cloth and water to clean and polish the piece if or when desired. It is also UV protected to insure archival properties. Like any fine artwork though, it should not be kept in direct sunlight for long periods of time. I have used keyhole mounts to display the image flush to the wall. Two (2) anchor bolts are supplied that are easy to attach to the wall. The artwork can also be attached using traditional wire if you prefer. It takes about 5 days to complete one of my images and about 7 more days for the resin to fully harden. The process is very similar to building a sand castle at the beach while the tide rushes in. The resin starts off as a thin maple syrup then slowly thickens to a thick honey and finally a hard gel. The resin is under constant movement for approximately 4 – 6 hours. During this time the resin is prone to movement and the art is ever changing, much like the walls of a sand castle. My artwork fulfills many aspects of what I enjoy doing. I get to play the mad scientist while I create and test my color combinations. Different brands of pigments will create different results as does various resin formulations. My resin artwork is relatively new to the public and has been received remarkably well since its release. My work is very personal to me and I only release work that I enjoy. Heat is guaranteed to brighten any environment. EnJoy! Paul Tokarski Copyright 2008

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Anonymous Guest

Emilio B. Campo-Diaz 17 Jan 2009

Simply fantastic.

Cindy Sugg 16 Jan 2009

With the look of bubbles, it looks like a sheet of glass. LOVE the technique, its GREAT!!! Another WONDERFUL piece Paul

Julia Scorupsky 16 Jan 2009

Beautiful composition! Love the texture.

Ennid Berger 16 Jan 2009

I like this a lot - it has so beautiful depth and color!

Bruce Black 16 Jan 2009

There is a monumental and harmonious quality in this work!