Stone Warrior

as always, comments, ratings, and advice are always welcome, but there is something that needs clarifying. that it IS NOT supposed to be a hand. it never was. i purposely did NOT draw a hand anywhere in this picture. it is the guard, as in, PART OF THE SWORD. you dig? thank you


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Renata Cavanaugh 09 Aug 2005

Cool image!

Tasia Chiba 14 May 2004

I love your lines, and detail, and creativity in design! The shades contrast beautifully!

craig moline 13 May 2004

Very nice work.

Dawn Landrum 11 May 2004

This is good. I agree you could practice on the hand.

ArtAblaze 16 Apr 2004

I love it!..except for the hand, it dont look as strong as compared to the body