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Peaceful Nature

Photos taken at the Gilbo'aa in Summer's day. I post here today the song - "Let Grow up in Peace / quietly ", by Shlomi Shabat.

Let grow quietly
Making: Shlomi Shabbat
Lyrics: Yankale Rotblit
Melody: Shlomi Shabbat

And When it will come to us
such a lovely morning
that will bring happiness in front our face
such smiling morning
and an amazing sudden joy
without prior notice
will fill once more our hearts
when it will come to us

Until when the wind will remove
clouds and worries
and when again will break forth
just a day of pleasures
a day without sorrow a day without fear
all the country is crying
like a small girl cry
let live in quiet

she's crying - love me!
war do not teach me
show me your love
let grow in quiet

what happened to out childhood
the beautiful and naive
who will bring peace to us
and on the ground
the flowers will continue to bloom

and once more we shall be happy
with the light with the azur blue
let live like a child

she's crying - love me!
war do not teach me
show me your love
let grow in quiet

Love & Peace. Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Joseph Mangiacotti 22 Oct 2014

So beautiful and Peaceful. Excellent photograph Nira. The song and video is so beautiful as our the Children. The words and meaning our so moving. Thanks for sharing Nira. May the Children "Grow Up in Peace" and may be come to everyone.

John Cappello 14 Dec 2012

Really well executed,this one is really a special piece. Very well done poetry & artwork

Stefani Wehner 13 Jan 2009

Gorgeous landscape!

lillianhibiscus 05 Jan 2009


Sigridur Bachmann 04 Jan 2009

Beautifully presented.! Stunning photos and title.! Very touching song.! Very well done my friend.