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A surprising Dream for Sure...

A total abstraction of a dream, I got up this morning with.
Oh oh… I was surprised by this dream…
What this dream wish to tell me…? it was so clear, so sheer…
Was that a dream, I really wished to dream… ?... ...
Do I believe that moment captured in my dream, will come true ?...
Do I wish it to come true.. ?...
Living imagination for sure…. but no….
I never imagined such scene … Not likely for me to dream such dream..
So why did I had this dream ?...
I’ve always been fascinated by the subject of dreams.
And, YES, this morning’s dream was so simple…
nothing to understand but
Love & peace
Copyrights© Nira Dabush


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Sigridur Bachmann 12 Dec 2010

WOW ! Beautiful and colorful work of art ( dream ) !

Caballero Salguero 15 Mar 2010

Great imagination is very stunning, different totally creative and terrific, one fascinating, for my surprise one piece of art, very magical. José

kath nepia 13 Nov 2009


Barry Huyett 12 Feb 2009

good surprise!

Tahnja Wolter 07 Jan 2009

oh I SOOOOO know where you're coming from! Dreams have been some of the most inspiring, mystical, magickal and spiritual motivations of my life. Hugs dear friend

Artist Reply: Hello Tahnja, Yes, I can very much relate to your words here. Some dreams of mine seems more important then others, that is dreams I sometimes dream at night.. but also dreams as wishes to fulfill. Some came true.. other dreams maybe will come true... and there those dreams, that will never come true, guess. With hopes that those dreams meant to be - WILL BE!.. Hugs, Nira.

Anonymous Guest (IP: 04 Jan 2009

Madhim, Nira. Eze kef levaker. BP.

Artist Reply: Kef shel bikur. Toda :-)...

geoff cooper 03 Jan 2009

nice picture and nice dream..

John Fish 29 Dec 2008

wonderful pattern and design. good for you. I'm always wanting to paint my dreams and then I forget them

Artist Reply: Hello Jhon... Glad to sEE you here. You should have papers and pen near your bed. When you get up with an interesting dream, immediately write it down , as you get up. The phrasing is not important... important to remember it.. the best timing is when you're getting up. AND... I don't remember all my dreams, just few, Jhon ... it sometimes even can be very tiring to wish to remember dreams, and even more deal with their messages. Thanks a lot. Best wishes for 2009.

KC CHANG 29 Dec 2008


kelvin Hughes 29 Dec 2008

wish i could drem like that excellent image well done

Artist Reply: This is only interpretation of a dream in abstract way. I mean.. this is not what I " SAW" in my dream.. it's in away more of what I felt while dreaming. Thanks a lot, Kelvin.

Thom Roslan 29 Dec 2008

That's what dreams are Nira......Living Imaginations.......something so real it seams real.....but, it's NOT ! Have a very Happy & Creative New Year ! ! !

Artist Reply: Yes.. Thom... indeed Living imaginations. Some dreams seems real, others not... And even if dreams are not real , sometimes they indicate a situation that might occur in your life. Some are predictions of future... Some dreams can answer questions... Other dreams are situations you maybe wish for. Some dreams do more to me, others NONE. Once I used to write several of my dreams... there's a lot of material for inspiration in dreams. ...... I started to learn deeper the subject, after I got an incredible dream, to advice me in a point in my life, in 2001/2 - A certain advice, that I needed back then... I asked myself to dream a dream to help me... And it came as THE BEST DREAM Ever, I got my answer in the most clear and wonderful way as can be - a dream of once in my life time. Actually it was my first written dream, and it let me took the advice I needed from the dream very easily - It was AMAZING!.... I truly hope to have more dreams like that one. Thanks for everything.. and especially your friendship... Love, NIRA.

lillianhibiscus 28 Dec 2008

Simply gorgeous abstract Nira.

nikos kanellos 28 Dec 2008

Very beautiful work....

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 28 Dec 2008


José Fortunato 28 Dec 2008

Fantastic dream, Nira !

Ai Shan 28 Dec 2008

Wonderful work, Nira!

Joke Schotting 28 Dec 2008

Very beautiful dear Nira !!!

Sharon Gonzalez 28 Dec 2008