Blue starlight

Kari and meeku again. i draw her alot, i dont draw her enough ^^; i spent more time on it this time than the last cg of her but i dont know...anyway, i like kari (but then she is my original character so i guess its kinda granted but not so much since i have characters of mine that i am not so in love with) ^.^ specially meeku :3


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Kristen Thornton 30 Jun 2008

*sigh* I have always loved your coloring!!

Leo Da 25 Jul 2006

nice work.

Rebecca Tan 04 Mar 2006

I love the dress... nice colouring too

Mariah Julson 23 Nov 2005

i love it and it is very nice

ronnie gruba 16 Feb 2005

very cute.... you're like a professional digital editor! very nice..