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A MAil train-im Zug der Zeit

Graphic work, cm 9x12, based on a photograph of Laura M. Mino, 2008. It is a card for my next performance in Germany:“A MAil train – im Zug der Zeit” Performance of Laura Cristin in the music by Dario Della Rossa. International Mail Art & Performance Festival Minden (Germany) 12-14 December 2008 With the art action “A MAil train – im Zug der Zeit” Laura Cristin rewinds the memories of her latest travelling by train that brought her, at the end of August in the South of Italy, to perform in a Castle, looking at Ionio Sea, while Dario Della Rossa was composing/playing at the piano “Santa Severina”. Once again it is a “[email protected]”, flowing now together with the previous ‘Sherena+Da’ poetic (from the encounter of the art identity of Sheren with the music by Dario), acted this Time in an authentic 100 yrs old Prussian Train. It is an involving dance/action that comes from the heART and bring us to discover the power of Love and the little of Divine that anybody owns. “A MAil train” in the end, is a suggestion to get on in the Time of our life’s travel, paying attention to all the good and the authentic one can find across the way.

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Anonymous Guest 15 Feb 2015

Yes it is! ?a? t??µ? ?a p??ß????... t? ?a??te?? f??? ??µp??µ t?? ???????."Why fear death, be scared of lvniig. Oh! Hearts are small and ever thinning."