Ethan is having hard times...

Work in progress. In my novel, Ethan is a smart ass vampire. He loves to joke around and even harass/mock people. But this time, he attacked the wrong person: Amy, the 17 years old servant of Raven who much more plays the daughter Raven never had. Ethan made her fall while she was carrying a jug of blood - for the vampires - and the liquid fell all over her and she has a strong disgust toward it. Stained and humiliated, she tries to wash the floor but.. blood is blood. She feels like hiding a murder. Raven yells: 'WHO DID THAT TO AMY?' And Ethan replies: 'What? Can't I have some fun here?' Guess the rest. Raven takes Ethan's head and puts it on the floor, dirtied of blood. Colored version to come soon, hopefully. © me. (Alaina's drooling over my linearts...!!!!!!! Will this one be of it? Ahah!)

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Sharon Gonzalez 19 Nov 2008