Alice In Wonderland - I'm Late.

Alice In Wonderland - I'm Late. [FOR MY A2 FASHION PHOTOGRAPHY] Cami Black & White - £35.00 Bunny Outfit - £10.00 Stockings - £6.00 Shoes - £45.00

This is a teaser for the upcoming Alice In Wonderland Fashion shoot... ;) Yes guys I'm back with Anne Summers.


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Linda Storey 03 Apr 2009

Your ref. to Ann Summers makes the title for this image a bit 'O Dear' or is that the idea. hope your shoot went well

Andrew Stuart 19 Dec 2008

Hi Yasmin, I hope this feedback is not too late... I'd suggest cropping away some of the right (between the a & n in your surname is about right). I think I'd clone out the white sheet, unless I'm missing something it just detracts from the photograph. Otherwise it's a great concept, well executed. Good luck with the course. Regards Andy S

Adam Defrang 01 Dec 2008

Like the props and the theme, well executed.

Henk Marks 03 Nov 2008

Its a good picture.