Before the War - Final

Finally this is the fifth and final version of my Before the War painting. Many improvements, a remake of the sky, color variations, unicorns eye and neck, shading and some other details are fixed. This took 40+ hours in Adobe Photoshop using a Wacom Intuos A4. Its original size is about 5000 pixel high in 300dpi. A3+ print ready. Original concept. Hope you like. Sincerely - Nicklas Forsberg a.k.a bM -

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Angela Francis 20 Mar 2006

How magnificent. Very beautifully magical. I love the colors. Excellent work!

Randy Fawcett 18 Feb 2006

Nice Work on this piece Nicklas! Great design and color work!

Leah Jaarveth 18 Feb 2006

beautiful work :)

Hazel Apricot Sama 01 Dec 2005

I must say this is one very beautiful unicorn image. Back ground is so so so wonderful, every color every object is so beautifully done. The forground is so detailed... Unicorn, he seem so lost in thoughts... there is some quiet feel in this picture.... peaceful.

Tabitha Borges 02 Sep 2004

Nice Blending.