My favorite demon, Aomi Armster (aside from my first, youkai-hime/Ukaihimi) I tried to pull some pin-uppy business here, it was hard. :( Photoshop crashed on me just when i had things perfected.. certain the end result wasn't the first attempt at all. Blaah. I don't know what sexy sex factor I was going for, drawing the boobs was a pain in the rear, frankly this whole project was a pain, I've never drawn anything in this angle before. which was tim 's idea Alas, her ladybug ,Drop & her orb ball are missing in this. ;[ I went overboard on the AomiArmster logo/name thing out of rage. *cough*imposters*cough* (I am keeping a thread on my forum up to date with a fake AomiArmsters list) I may not be able to stop those idiots but I'm going to sure as hell make it known they are NOT me. Damn morons have no idea what they nicknamed themselves after. *rolls eyes*

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