Pastorale - SOLD

12 x 16, framed oil on canvas -- $600.00 Rolling hills dotted with oak trees, as in the area east of Salinas, CA.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 24 Dec 2013

I would love this blanket for my dgehatur Ingrid, who was born on 16.7.2012 she is not even three weeks old yet. I knitted her a merino blanket, but we are still missing a cotton one. As for the border color I would love the one that YOU think fits best with a dark haired Ingrid.

Julie Mayser 30 Jul 2008

I see the circular composition, and also a wonderful painting.... I could view this for hours!

Aline Lotter 29 Sep 2007

two pictures here-slice down the middle

Artist Reply: Yes, Aline, I suppose it could be seen that way. When I painted it, I went for a circular composition - the bright foreground stripe leads into the right-hand oaks and the distant horizontal band of oaks leads back down through the left hand trees. Perhaps this is to subtle? Thanks for your critique. I wish that there were more like this! :o)

Cathy Savels 10 Jul 2007

Ver well done.

Jerie kunitsky 06 May 2005

well done..