Little Thrifter

"Little Thrifter", and Revivals are examples of my current direction. My subject, in “little Thrifter” case is a young girl critically trailing thru an art-show. In this series, I paint on a loosely woven canvas, which behaves like a translucent screen once it is stretched. The presence of passing time conveyed in the temporal layers of media; I start out the technical composition of memory on the two dimensional un-primed canvas by sketching with time sensitive charcoal, which, by its nature, slowly fades away, this is followed by sketching with paint, finally I paint my subject on a primed area. As a result of the painting method, many parts of the canvas will remain transparent. When the painting is installed free standing in the space, the natural change of light will illuminate the surroundings differently, for example, when looking at the painting with more light in the background, other visitors behind the painting will be seen, and become part of the painting.

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