Seal Rock Summer

A popular area on the Oregon Coast. This is poor photo quality! The painting shows more color. Oil on canvas


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Aline Lotter 01 Oct 2007

very dramatic, effective. perhaps too cool

Artist Reply: Thanks for the comment, Aline. Yes, this photo makes the painting too cool. But, if you could see the original work, you wouln't thinks so. Really. It's much warmer and more colorful. :o)

Cathy Savels 16 Jul 2007

Lovely painting. I can smell the sea air!

Tanya Ray 13 Feb 2006

A beautiful painting!! Great movement with the water.

Artist Reply: Thank you, Tanya, for your kind words about my seascape! Betty

Pat Goltz 07 Aug 2005

A wonderful composition. I love the surf in layers and the rocks are very nice. The gull adds a nice accent. It is a place I would like to visit, a piece of paradise.

Peter Kripgans 26 May 2005

Hello Betty, was nice to "hear" from you again! These Oregon places would be good for me too! Masterly done, Betty!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Peter. I really enjoy seeing your fine work. Yes - if you were here we could scout out these wonderful places together!!

Emily Reed 26 May 2005

This is an awesome seascape.

Artist Reply: Thank you, Emily. You should see the "real" thing!!!

Nira Dabush 17 May 2005

Wonderful scenario,Betty...great prespective and depth,excellent painting!

Artist Reply: Thank you, Nira. It's a favorite place - especially at low tide!

Loredana 16 May 2005

A very beautiful seascape Betty you are very talanted you have some awesome ocean scenes they are just magical :)

Artist Reply: Thanks, Lordena. It is not that I am so talented, but that the Oregon coast is so totally beautiful!

Robert Mullan 05 May 2005

Hi betty i agree with you entirely but i cant draw MAN or id have put him in aswell

déirídh o'bhríutháinn 03 May 2005


Svitozar Nenyuk 02 May 2005


Cristina Marsi 21 Apr 2005

Great job. I'm fascinated by water so I'm always attract from other works on this subject, and you rendered the wawes and the haze in the distance very well :)

John Graham Inkson 13 Apr 2005

Very well composd. John

joan warburton 18 Mar 2005

Oh, this is so incredibly lovely! I am in awe of your talent!

Barbara Beck-Azar 13 Mar 2005

sigh, and i envy those who can paint the sea! landscape is not my forte, guess all the talent fell on you! thank you for the comments on my paintings!

Nina Kuriloff 03 Jan 2005

Lovely scene!

Linda Soroka 06 Dec 2004

Fantastic job on the water and rocks

Mike Worthen 18 Mar 2004

This has got to be one of my all time favorites. Great depth.

John Enright 02 Mar 2004

beautiful depth of field, love this work. How big is this painting? 20x30" ? guess.

Dan Mills 23 Feb 2004

Your beach-scapes are fantastic.

craig moline 07 Feb 2004

Maybe poor photo quality, but this is still beautiful! You've been given a wonderful gift. Great job!

Heidi Maiers 07 Feb 2004

ooooh, like this one lots!

Bill Gittins 06 Feb 2004

You, my dear, just get better and better!