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The Birbie Tree

(c)2008 I like birds, I l-o-v-e birds. Except for the sound of the rustling of leaves in the trees, by the wind and the breeze,...the variety of songs produced by birds is one of nature's most beautiful sounds. Now crickets can be very enjoyable too, white noise,...they can put you right off to sleep. And though made fun of in the incredibly funny movie "My Cousin Vinnie",...hoot owls can be fun too. But nature's wakeup call of the birds singing in the trees,...the cocking of the rooster,...or whatever sounds your local indiginous bird population produces,...sure does let you know,...better than an alarm clock,...when it is truely morning. Feeding the birds with small bits of the bread from my sandwich at my local supermarket parking lot is a lot of fun. Or outside on the patio of a restaurant,'s fun to spend time with the birdies. God's attention to His nature is so intricately beautiful it surpasses one's own ability to properly express it's simple magnificance! I see things made by man,...but they do not compare to God's simple mysteries throughout all His nature,..shrowded in beauty beyond words. And birdies are one of my favorite to enjoy. :O)

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Anonymous Guest

Steve Farr 21 Aug 2008

Very nicely done, Gregg! ~S

Joanna Jungjohann 20 Aug 2008

magnificent art gregg!~

Anne Vis 18 Aug 2008

Great details, wonderful work!

Ginger Lovellette 17 Aug 2008

You just never cease to amaze me with your talents!

Sharon Gonzalez 17 Aug 2008