Geisha Faerie and Orson the Dragon

Beautiful, sexy Japanese, Geisha Fairy blows a kiss to her little pet dragon while sitting along the forest floor. She has dragonfly faerie wings and is adorned in a flower-patterned, purple and green, silk kimono. The woods behind her is influenced by impressionist painters. This painting was published in Ballistics' "Exotique 3: The World's Most Beautiful CG Characters." A geisha faerie was one of the ideas floating in my head for faeries. I plan to do a variety of different races for my portfolio series. Orson is named after my favorite director! This is the first time I actually tried to put a pattern on clothing. I used stencils in Photoshop. It was a lot easier than I anticipated. Next time I will try an actual material texture. Most of the painting was done in Painter.


Anonymous Guest

Jeanette Hernandez 02 Oct 2008

That is an amazing drawing bravo!

Leah Jaarveth 19 Sep 2008

This is so amazing and enchanting, Excellent!

Frances Perea 14 Aug 2008