Morning Shave

I set this up as an exercise for myself in painting white objects. Oil on canvas


Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 25 Apr 2012

Power and tension in the shadows and shapes. The ewer and basin are symbols of purity from the antiquity of the early Church and western painting. Dutch painters made good use of symbolism to add narrative and moralistic content. I love the Art Deco figurine and its use in this painting's composition is amazing. The warm light of morning is perfectly drawn (or dawn) in their muted subtlety.

Artist Reply: Thank you for your comments! The yawning figure was the inspiration for this painting. The long nightshirt put me in mind of life in the past.

annette steens 11 Oct 2007

wow.... a delight to look at Betty!

Laura Smith 04 Nov 2006

Lovely!! Beautiful shadows and detail. The wood is done so nicely as well. Beautiful!

Vivian Allen 19 Apr 2006

Oh!!! Beautiful! I love this! Such beautiful colors and detail on everything, especially in the brush and the shine on the table and the angle of light. Wonderful!!

Artist Reply: Thank you so much, Vivian! That fuzzy brush was a challenge!

Charlotte Ottilo 27 May 2005

Extremly well done! The lighting and shadows are perfect!

Artist Reply: Setting up these still life ideas is ALWAYS the hard part. I'm very happy if I get it right. Thanks, Charlotte, for saying that I did!

Julie Mayser 06 May 2005

Well crafted, beautifully designed, wonderful lights and luminous shadows. Overall terrific.

Christine brand 06 May 2005

Lovely warmth to this, I think it is beautifully painted. the shadows hold interest well n move through n over the objects gracefully. Washing away of the nebulous night by the stretch of breaking light n a waking of dreams to the calling of a new days beams. Your work is poetry to I wrote this for U... Peace n Love n Happy Mother Day CB

Jessica Hobdell 02 May 2005

great lighting

Robyn Henzel 22 Apr 2005

Nice painting. Nice capture of shadow, light, and texture.

Rusty Woodward-Gladdish 28 Mar 2005

This picture has worked really well . Very nicely painted.

Wendy De Rycke 19 Mar 2005

What an eye - you are quite the self-taught artist with your own stamp!

amy albert 02 Dec 2004

lovely. great values in the creams, and love the statuette.

Randy Smith 15 Sep 2004

Very good Betty..your work is very nice

Geoffrey Chew 18 Jul 2004

seemingly mundane at first glance, but the stretching figure brings a surreality that I love. Beautiful work.

Heidi Maiers 21 May 2004

Another beauty. This one almost makes me squint.

marie kasetta 21 Feb 2004

Thank you for your comments Betty. Your work is exquisite

Carlos Olvera 09 Feb 2004

I aspire to be like you, I think you're now my hero!

Anonymous Guest 04 Feb 2004

This reminds me of a Bob Byerly piece...very nice!