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Smart Car Vs. The Cadillac Escalade

It's Cute Vs. Bling-Bling-Blong on the Interstate - who will survive - and it's the drivers we're talking about - don't worry little Smart Car, even the most valiant of us would wet-em in your place ~:0)

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Anonymous Guest (IP:

Anonymous Guest (IP: 22 Aug 2008

This one is hillarious. Whenever I see those little toys, I just can't believe they're allowed on the crazy as riding a bicycle nowadays! Melissa Sinklier

Artist Reply: Hi Mel - yeah, consider the source of these little cutties - I know they're made by a subsidiary of Mercedes Benz's parent company and that they are made to be made as safe as a light-weight car with paper thin doors can be made, but - when that big bumper is coming right through that glass windshield and the metal is encasing the passenger's bodies and the motive force of a 4000 pound or maybe even bigger vehicle is crushing the very life from those in the "Smart" Car - I suspect the time for re-thinking that purchase will have passed. Personally, I think they are very charming concepts and I would love to drive one on the driveway between the house and the mailbox, but that's not a really responsible use of that resource so I'll just do as most congress-men-and-women do and fly in a private jet to D.C. pick up me mail and continue on with the book tour at public expense - sounds fun!! - send lots of pictures ~:0)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 19 Aug 2008

Death traps

Artist Reply: Snap!!! ~:0)

Anonymous Guest (IP: 09 Aug 2008

Those Smart cars.. Smart, I don't think so. An exciting confrontation Chas. I like Lior's take on them.

Artist Reply: Ha! Nothing like a little terror!!! On the road - they sure are cute though - I carry one as a spare ~:0)

susan kinney 07 Aug 2008


Artist Reply: You shoulda seen us slipping and sliding on the wet floors at the studio - riot! - Ha! ~:0)

Joke Schotting 03 Aug 2008

This is great Chas!!!!

Artist Reply: Hey Joke! Thanks for stopping by - poor little car just couldn't take it - guess cute is as cute does - they surely are cute little things - I have a feeling they're going to suffer a lot of broken windscreens... from bumpers - Ha! ~:0)