Thank you AW & team

AW : " ............yes we do plan to make changes as we have already said we would. This is not just talk, we are already taking action. Our team has been creating some mock-ups of alternative background colors for the site and brainstorming about possible color 'themes' that our users could select from. We are still gathering feedback from our members and working out possible design ideas, so it's not something that will change tomorrow. However, we are very actively working on this. If we were to give a time frame, we would guess sometime in August................"
This post is dedicated to Andy & his wonderful staff, that at these hours, working intensively to make each of us, HAPPY, and SMILING, at AW site.
They work day and night... just to please US, My friends.
Roses from the Studio's Garden.
Thank you, AW.. We love you :-)... Take a good rest, it will help in your design work :-)
Looking forwards to see the new choices of backgrounds... Love & PEACE Copyrights (c) Nira Dabush


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pamela jones 28 Mar 2009

So lovely, Nira

CHEN JING 11 Mar 2009

lovely flower

Shahram S. Nahavandi 06 Mar 2009

Hello Dear Nira! Love your new photo in "Saadi's Golestan". Saadi: "like a beautiful angel in my rose garden" Happy March 20th !!

Julia Scorupsky 24 Jan 2009

What a wonderful shot, Nira! Never seen roses represented in such focus and color! Brilliant and stunning!

jimmy guan 23 Jan 2009


Marika Antal 29 Dec 2008

amazing shot!!

Natalia Ivanova 12 Aug 2008

very beautiful photo, Nira! lovely composition, colours...

Steven Torrisi 28 Jul 2008

Now that's a vase brimming with life unfolding. Glad to see the problem resolved, thanks for being there for all of us.

Mimoza Oronova 24 Jul 2008

Beautiful photo !

Tahnja Wolter 24 Jul 2008

they are true beauties and loved reading the post

Artist Reply: Hello Tahnja.. thanks my friend... Glad you enjoyed , Love.. Nira

Thom Roslan 24 Jul 2008

So glad that AW "listened" to you Nira.....Guess sometimes it's O.K. to shake the tree...........

Artist Reply: My dear Thomi.. luv you , you know.. LOVE AW, Too :-))... I'm sure they love me too ;-)) Thanks pal.

Mrs.David Jobes(Dee) Jobes 23 Jul 2008

BEAUTIFUL Roses!!!BEAUTIFUL Artistic capture!!!BEAUTIFUL Gift for Andy and AW Staff!!!Sooooooooo Happy to see You Smiling My Dear Friend!!!Perhaps changes made by Your Birthday!!!:) David&I hope You and Your Beautiful Family have a Fantastic Beautiful Day full of Beauty,Peace and Love!!!with Love&Prayers,Dee&David ((((((((((((Hugs)))))))) :):)

Artist Reply: My dear Dee.. I'm glad you enjoy, my work, and find it as beautiful gift to AW :-)...Perhaps they'll arrange a RAINBOW background , Or background choices in all colours possible :-)...for my birthday ;-).. Just KIDDING of course, my friend... My love to you & David...{{{ HUGS}}} With prayers for your health & joy. Love AW, YOU KNOW :-) ...! Nira

KC CHANG 23 Jul 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear, KC.. Kind regards, shalom..Nira

LouAnn Knight 23 Jul 2008

As 'they' say, you can please some all the time, and all some of the time.etcetc.. and I imagine that's true here. At least AW is trying to please us and, personally, I think it's a great start!.. Your picture is really enhanced by the darker background, I think, beautiful as it is! It will be exciting to see what happens in the future!! This truely is a great site.. and great people here. I tell my friends it's a "Feel good" place.. One always feels 'good' after viewing the posts, comments and other selections available here!! Gee got carried away, didn't I. YES!!!

Artist Reply: My dear LouAnn, thanks for the visit, and sharing the world with your opinion of the situation :-) If you look carefully, my work is on a White, background, in a way framed by dark background... I'm glad you personally enjoy it. I love the site , you know it.. I love the people, you also know it...and I enjoy your visits here, also... and I also recommended many people of this site. It's a good start, to know they are working on " ... "mock-ups of alternative background colors " & " design ideas " just to please us. It's always a pleasure to read your "carried away" comments at my portfolio... Love you, girl :-) .. I hope Lou is feeling well nowadays. Nira

MJ Mitchell 23 Jul 2008

Very cool - LOVE this community and I wouldn't think of leaving! Beautiful photo!

Artist Reply: My dear, MJ.. You are just starting your way in AW... I wish you always to be happy in this place... May your way here, be filled with Roses, Love you, Nira.

Reba McDonald 23 Jul 2008

Hurray for Nira.

Artist Reply: :-)) !! Thanks so much dear, Reba... My best wishes are for you

Dawn Bigford 23 Jul 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear, Dawn... My best wishes are for you

Sandra McClure 23 Jul 2008

Great my friend.......

Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear, Sandra... My best wishes are for you

Rebecca Mullan 23 Jul 2008

Beautiful photo and it wonderful that Andy and the AW Team are working on returning choice to our backgrounds. Hugs to you for being vocal Nira and hugs to Andy and the AW team for all their hard work.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear, Becky... Sometimes, there is no other way then to be "vocal" ... HUGS BACK, My best wishes are for you, Nira.

jamie winter 23 Jul 2008

most lovely image Nira, just beautiful and it is wonderful that AW is going to fix the problem. wonderful!!!!!!!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear, Jamie... My best wishes are for you

geoff cooper 23 Jul 2008

I'm so happy that you are happy... it must have been the promise of a I was sure they would make it as you could customise your page.. love you..XXX

Artist Reply: I guess your hug + xxx do miracles in AW, Geoff.. lol. Well, I hope AW, Will bring best solutions... They should, really. It's important, very basic base to view art, is the background.. and we see a lot of ART, here.. so it must be clean clear area, not busy, so that we can view well, and present correct ART. Love you... hugs for Lucinda & you...

Annette Labedzki 23 Jul 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear, Annette... My best wishes are for you

Joanna Jungjohann 23 Jul 2008

lovely image dear Nira, don't stray away from us, stay, we are united, here there is compassion, love honor and much respect for fellow aw members, love jo

Artist Reply: Indeed we are UNITED Here, my friend Jo. I very much ALL of you, and you know it.. this is one main reason, I'm here. Love, and thanks.. best wishes,NIRA

Olga van Dijk 23 Jul 2008

Happy to see you happy again my dear!!

Artist Reply: Happy to see you visiting here, dear Olga.. My best wishes are for you. Nira

Janet Gioffre Harrington 23 Jul 2008

hope everything is good now, Nira. I remember going through some stuff with them, and i'm glad you're getting satisfaction. Janet

Artist Reply: My dear Janet.. YES, I remember so well your story, my friend.. and I'm glad it had happy end also.. I'm waiting forwards actually, to see other backgrounds choices, or better, be able to use my own, as I used to. My best wishes are for you, Nira.

francis kwok peng kin 23 Jul 2008

The AW team are working on it, I remember the previous design we have a DIY change your own background colours. Maybe this will works better. Cheers my friend Nira!

Artist Reply: My dear friend, Francis.. INDEED, I so much agree with you.. It would be perfect, if we can choose our own backgrounds.. FREE CHOICE. My best wishes are for you, Nira

Emily Reed 23 Jul 2008


Artist Reply: My dear Emily... I think we are ALL Happy, that they are working on several background choices, since its the Basic Base, to present our ART, to the wide world... and it was really excellent... there is no reason, why it should not be, the same, or better. I think, they worked 9 month { a pregnancy time } on huge project of improvements ( - their baby, a gift for us :-) ... Undoubtedly, drastic change in many ways. If you ask me, I would say.. perhaps, it would have been better, if they work, step by step, on that change.. I mean, each month, show us the progress of their project { like ultrasound of a baby }... and then it would be easier for them to solve problems. That's anyway my thoughts. Now.. I'm not sure they ignore, you... But, I also not sure, how many people work with Andy, I mean, the team.. is it a team of 2, or 10, or more people.. or maybe Andy + 3 staff people... SO... I think it could be interesting, that we know this also.. perhaps AW photos of Andy and the staff, you know. So that, our expectation would be reasonable according to the people working on the project. My best wishes are for you... my hopes that all of us will be smiling very soon.

Loredana 23 Jul 2008

OH Good You are happy Now Its all good MY friend :)

Artist Reply: I'm glad that IT WILL BE GOOD, Lore...And I'm looking forwards to this, like so many AW members. My best wishes are for you. Nira

Joke Schotting 23 Jul 2008

Beautiful roses my dear friend Nira!!!

Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear, Joke... My best wishes are for you

Nelly van Nieuwenhuijzen 23 Jul 2008

happy to see youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!!! and Nirasje, the roses are great with the grey, they are beating it !!!love love love this, and happy to be in AW with you!!!!! love to be here.

Artist Reply: My dearest, Nelluska... I'm happy to sEE you, surely you know it :-).. Of - course, (perhaps I would sound not modest, but truly I am... :-) My images will beat any background :-)... Yet i prefer different more CORRECT atmosphere, for my images, and for my eYeS, AND... Less busy surroundings when we see so much images, a day and commenting it... In other words the atmosphere should be peaceful, for OUR ART... And you know what I mean. LOVE, LOVE... Love you, and happy to be with you, my beautiful loving friend. My best wishes are for you ! Nira

Sharon Gonzalez 23 Jul 2008


Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear, Sharon... My best wishes are for you.

margaret mckeehan 23 Jul 2008

Lovely photo brings the outside indoors.

Artist Reply: Thanks so much dear, Margaret... My best wishes are for you.