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Balboa Union Church, Panama Canal Zone

This is the church I grew up in, the Balboa Union Church, Balboa, Canal Zone. The Balboa Union Church was built as a protestant church for all protestant denominations. Then the Baptist Church was built and then the Lutheran Church was built so in later years the Balboa Union Church was mainly Methodist and Presbyterian. Panama is mainly a Catholic country. The top image is the front and the second image the side. Originally all the windows were very gorgeous stained glass. I remember when they replaced all the side ones with regular glass. Also the church walls were white with no pink and the stairs were all white too. The last time I went back to Panama, the Balboa Union Church had the pink as you see it here, and St. Mary's Catholic church behind it on up the hill had blue. Hope you enjoy! ............................................................ Again the date is wrong and should not have been on when I took the photo with my new camera.

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Anonymous Guest

Anonymous Guest 01 Dec 2017

I had the joy of being the pastor of that church. It was a great experience for me. I loved the people there. I lost Rosita two years ago, but I continue on in good health. December 2017 Rev. Clarence Payne

John Cappello 20 Oct 2014

Like A True artist, You've captured this essential place! This is Absolutely Wonderful! Spectacular - It exudes warmth!

gerry logan 26 Jul 2008

It is always interesting to return to a place after you have grown. So sad they replaced all the stain glassed windows the pink isn't so bad it is a beautiful place and nice capture of it shame you don't have pictures of the old place to compare nice work with the shots

Seth Weaver 22 Jul 2008

Beautiful photos.

Kim Baake 21 Jul 2008

Beautiful shots!