The Gem Seeker

When something of great value is found


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Beth Sheehan 22 Jul 2008

ooOoo it's soo COOL :D i LOVE it!!!!!!!

Anonymous Guest (IP: 20 Jul 2008

Oh my Gosh. What a beautiful frame for your art. Perfect, Just Perfect...just like you. This is my Youngest Brother....he got all the looks, ability to laugh at everything; smart - wait a minute, so does my Sister, and my other two brothers. What about me - I yeah, I got the smile, and the best famiuly in the world.

Lari Acevedo 20 Jul 2008

Great piece Tony. It looks wonderful in the court yard as well. Hope all is well haven't seen or heard anything from you in awhile. Lari

Sharon Gonzalez 19 Jul 2008